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If you do a quick online search for pickup wheels, you’ll be bombarded with an almost unimaginably large number of options from hundreds of different retailers. While you might recognize some of these online tire and rim shops and some of the brands, there will be many others that you’ve never heard of before. A more simple way of saying this is that it is difficult to buy the right rims and tires for trucks without a little help.

At Tire World USA, our business revolves around our customers. From our easy-to-use website that allows you to view all of your options for wheels and tires that will fit on your vehicle, to our helpful customer service department, when you need an online tire and wheel shop that carries what you need and helps you find the right rims and tires, think Tire World USA! Shop with us now or keep reading for more information about how to buy the right truck tires.

Find the Right Size Truck Rims

While we would all like to believe that bigger is better, sometimes that just isn’t true. If you aren’t building out a specialized truck like a rock crawler or extreme mudder, it’s probably a good idea to stick to the same size wheels that are already on your truck. If you go too large, it can affect the feel of your ride, and possibly cause faster wear or other damage to your truck. Your truck was designed to work with a certain size of rim, which means that everything is set up for that — your brakes, your suspension, etc. Changing even one part of that equation can have big repercussions.

Find the Right Kind of Rims

Rims for trucks are primarily made from one of two materials: aluminum or steel. Each material has its own advantages and drawbacks and are better suited to certain applications.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are built to last. From the method of construction to the materials themselves, steel wheels are, pound for pound, stronger and more resistant to corrosion than other kinds of wheels. This strength does come at a price, though. Wheels made out of steel are heavier than alloy wheels, which means they may not be the best choice if you have a racing truck. If you use your truck for work, spend time four-wheeling, or need a wheel that will last even if exposed to the most extreme conditions, steel is the way to go.

Alloy Wheels

These wheels are made from aluminum alloy. This makes them significantly less heavy than steel. Because aluminum alloy wheels are cast instead of stamped, they are easier for designers and builders to build them to have more dynamic shapes and styles. Aluminum alloy allows air to better flow through it, which helps your brakes stay cooler. Alloy wheels are also lighter than steel, which means that while they may be great if you have a truck or SUV that is tuned for speed, you probably don’t want to take it off-roading.

While there are plenty more factors you need to think about before buying new tires and rims for your truck, consider these two important elements and look at the choices you have in order to find an option that will work well for you. Check back soon for part two of this blog series where we will cover several more important factors to consider when you’re trying to find good wheels and tires for your truck.

Shop with Tire World USA today for the best prices and a great selection of truck rims and tires, as well as wheels and tires for SUVs and passenger cars. Our customer service department is ready and happy to help if you have any questions.