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In our last blog entry, we talked about why you need to take care of your rims and tires and a few simple ways that you can protect your new purchase with minimal effort. In this blog, we will give you even more tips that will help you prolong the life and look of your tires and wheels!

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Think Twice Before Using an Automatic Car Wash

While we totally understand the appeal of an automatic car wash, if you are concerned about keeping your tires and rims in pristine condition, you might want to pull into a stall and wash your vehicle by hand. While some automatic washes are designed to be as friendly to your car as possible, many of them use caustic and abrasive cleaners that can limit the lifespan of your paint, wheels, and tires. Unless you can speak to an attendant or get a recommendation from someone you know, handwashing might be the way to go.

Protect Your Tires for Their Looks and Lifespan

While we have spent most of this blog series talking about the ways to protect and clean rims, your tires need TLC, too. To keep your tires clean, wash them with a solution of mild soap and water and then apply a specially formulated tire gel. These gels help slow down damage caused by the elements (oxygen, UV light) while adding a deep black gleam to your tires that will make them look brand new.

Quick Suggestions for Rim and Tire Care

  • Never use anything abrasive to clean your wheels! Always avoid steel wool and abrasive cleaners when you are trying to get your wheels and tires clean. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’re dealing with an abrasive substance, rub some of it between your fingers. If you feel any grit, don’t put it on your wheels or tires!
  • Avoid tire coatings and gels that contain silicone. While the glossy shine looks incredible, it can cause your tires to wear out faster.
  • Don’t clean your wheels when they are hot. Adding cleaners to a hot wheel will almost definitely cause spots that are tough to get off.
  • While you’re cleaning, check for damage. Most of us will notice a flat right away, but there are more subtle forms of damage that you may not be able to see without closer inspection. Check to see that your tires are wearing evenly and that your wheels haven’t been damaged or bent while you’re scrubbing them. Keeping an eye on them over time will help you prevent a disaster before one happens.

Shop with Tire World USA today for excellent prices on the best wheels and tires on the planet! As a trusted tire retailer, we will always do what is right for our customers. Contact us today if you have any questions!