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Now that you have the truck or SUV that you’ve always wanted, you’re probably asking yourself what kind of tires you need to be able to take it off the paved road and out onto some trails, dunes, or muddy areas. Tire World USA is here to give you a few helpful tips that will make choosing the right tires easier!

After you’ve done your research, browse our gigantic selection of the best tires and wheels for trucks, SUVs, and cars at Tire World USA. Our easy-to use site makes finding the right set of wheels or tires as easy as possible. Simply choose your vehicle and we will show you everything that fits your vehicle. We offer a complete fitment guarantee that makes buying tires from us completely risk-free. If they arrive and they don’t fit, just let us know. We will replace them with a complete set that will.

Not All Terrains Are Created Equal

Thanks to the proliferation of off-roading, you don’t have to settle for something as broad as an all-terrain tire (though they are great for many applications). Specialized tires are now available for very specific terrains, including mud, rock crawling, and wet or snowy terrain. If you have a very specific purpose in mind, get tires that are tailored for the kind of terrain that you will be driving around in. If you want a tire that will work better than all-season tires in most conditions, all-terrain tires are a great choice.

Many of the most popular and trusted tire manufacturers make all-terrain tires, so if you have a brand preference, it won’t be hard to find a set that is perfect for you at Tire World USA. From Goodyear to Cooper and everything in between, we make it easy to find the right set of off-roading tires!

Are These Tires Only for Off-Roading?

If you plan on using your truck for work during the week and off-roading on the weekend, you will want to think long and hard about what is more important to you. While extreme mudding tires might make your weekends more fun (and prevent you from getting stuck) it might make the drive to and from work less comfortable, and using specialized off-roading tires on paved roads may cut the tread life down significantly.

Tires Affect More Than the Ride

If you put larger or smaller tires onto your SUV or truck, it can have a noticeable effect on the way that your vehicle rides and handles. Tires with extreme treads can make the ride bumpier than you’re used to, and they can be significantly noisier than all-seasons. If you aren’t sure about how new, larger wheels will change the way that your vehicle will behave, talk to your mechanic.

When you need new off-roading and pickup tires made by the top manufacturers, shop with Tire World USA! We have excellent prices and the best customer service you could ever hope for. We are always adding more and more tires and wheels to turn your SUV or truck into the mudding, trail-riding, off-roading machine that you have always wanted!