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Thanks to the great prices and unbeatable selection at Tire World USA, you’ve got your beautiful new wheels on your truck, car, or SUV. But what do you do the first time they get dirty? How do you protect the finish? Because we believe in helping you with every step of the the wheel- and tire-buying process, we’ve put together this quick guide to get you started

Read on to learn about how to take care of your wheels in order to keep them looking brand new! The next time you need tires or wheels for your SUV, truck, or car, shop with Tire World USA. We have all of the most-respected brands, and our customer service just can’t be beat!

Clean Your Wheels Regularly

Just like the rest of your vehicle, regular cleanings will help prevent damage and increase the length of time that your wheels will look great.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals. Soap and water will almost always do the trick. If soap and water doesn’t work, you might want to take your car to a car wash to have them take off the grime without damaging your wheels.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles to get into tight spots. Don’t use a brush with metal bristles! Metal bristles and scrape the protective coating right off of your wheels.
  • Dry your wheels with a soft cloth right after you’ve washed them. Drying them as soon as you’ve rinsed all the soap off will keep them from getting water spots.

Don’t Let Brake Dust or Salt Build Up

Brake dust is the dark grime that will build up on your wheels even if you haven’t driven your car through any wet conditions or bad weather. It is made up of the components of your brake pads and the brake rotor, along with carbon, and it can be highly abrasive. When you see brake dust, dirt, salt, or mag chloride starting to build up, clean it off!

Salt, or magnesium chloride, are popular de-icing agents used in cold climates. Both can wreak havoc on your wheels, so make sure you give them a deep scrub, even when the weather is cold.

Follow Directions

If you have a special finish (chrome, powder coating,) you might need to take extra steps to make sure your wheels look as good as the day they arrived at your home. If they need anything out of the ordinary, the manufacturer will make it as clear as possible.

Here are a few quick hints for taking care of chrome wheels:

  • Dry your wheels after washing them with soapy water. Failing to dry them could leave spots that won’t go away.
  • Use a special brush designed to clean chrome without scratching it.

We hope this helps you take care of your brand new wheels! The next time you need a set of wheels or tires at a great price, shop with Tire World USA! Our customer service and our great prices are what sets us apart from other online wheel stores!