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ISTE is a direct relationship between the tires and fuel consumption, remember that some tires have better grip, others have more resistance to wear, others last longer, but most tires are designed to obtain the best possible performance with respect to gasoline consumption.

Among the most important factors of the tires, which affect performance and fuel consumption we are:


The use tires inflated to a pressure lower than indicated by the manufacturer, is one of the most important causes of excessive fuel consumption in the world. The Agency Auto USA provides that driving a vehicle with a lower pressure in the tires established can increase fuel consumption by up to 25%


The lower the rolling resistance, the less the effort that the engine of your car need to move the unit and better mileage performance relative to gasoline consumption (Km / liter). For this reason tires for passenger buses offer greater fuel efficiency, and a longer floor of the rim with respect to those used in trucks or SUV, whose heavier patterns on the floor are designed taking into account the maximum required traction.