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Everyone has heard of tire balancing, but many people are unsure of exactly why it is important. Read on, and check out our infographic, to learn about the process and why you need to have properly balanced tires for a safe and comfortable ride.

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The Need for Balance

A wheel that is perfectly balanced will make the ride in your vehicle feel as smooth as can be. Over time, or due to a poor balancing job, you might notice that the ride isn’t as smooth as it could be. As a wheel rotates, imbalances in the distribution of mass become more noticeable. While you’re driving, you might experience these imbalances as a wobble or vibration in the steering wheel. While there is nothing immediately dangerous about poorly balanced tires, it can cause uneven wear which could become a safety concern if left untreated for too long.

How Balancing Works

When a technician balances your tires, they use a special machine that shows if part of the tire is not balanced correctly. By adding weights to the inner rim of the wheel, imbalances can be corrected, allowing for a smoother ride. Having your tires balanced is a normal part of having new tires put on your vehicle and can be important if you notice that your car, SUV, or truck is not handling the way it should be.

Why Balancing Matters

While an unbalanced tire might start out as a minor inconvenience, over time the problem can get worse. If left unbalanced, your tires will wear faster and less evenly. Both of these factors can have negative safety repercussions, as they can make it more difficult to steer or stop your vehicle effectively. If you become aware of extra vibrations in your steering wheel, or if your vehicle pulls to one side even when you are driving on a straight and flat road, you may need to have your tires balanced by a professional.

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