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Driving in the winter brings risks that simply aren’t present at other times of the year. Even if you are an experienced winter driver with thousands of miles of snow under your tires, there are special winter circumstances you just can’t account for. Black ice, sudden snow flurries that eliminate visibility, unexpected road closures, and other drivers who are less experienced or less diligent can all cause you to find yourself stranded or off the road and unable to get back onto without serious assistance.

At Tire World USA, we got into the business of selling the best priced tires online to help our customers get to where they were going safely. That’s why we’ve started our Winter Safety Series — to give you the tips and information you need to help you and your loved ones navigate the challenges of winter as you travel to work or go home for the holidays. Remember, the single most important factor in staying on the road and staying safe in winter is a good set of tires. If you need all-terrain or all-weather tires for your car, truck, or SUV, or just need to replace an older balding set of tires before the snows come, shop our selection of top brand tires at the best prices.

Preparing For The Trip

There is a lot you can do to mitigate your travel risks in winter before you even leave town. First, make sure that your tires are in good condition. Balding or low tread tires are a surefire way to create a dangerous situation for you and everyone else on the road. Next, make sure that you always have a full tank of gas before heading out. If you end up taking a longer route because of an accident or road closure, you’ll be glad you did. Finally, make sure that someone knows where you are going, what route you are planning to take, and expects to hear from you within a reasonable time of when you should arrive (taking into account the extra driving time winter conditions can require).

As an added safety measure, pack a winter car bag with the essential supplies you’ll need in case of an emergency. Check out our article on Emergency Essentials For Your Winter Car Bag.

What To Do If You Get Stranded


Start by calling an emergency tow service or 911 depending on the severity of your circumstances. Remember, winter conditions can change quickly and be dangerous, don’t underestimate your situation. If you reach someone, make sure to follow instructions. More likely than not, they are going to tell you to stay where you are. This is where you’ll be glad you packed your winter car bag. Don’t get off the phone until you are certain of your instructions and understand what the next steps are.


Stay where you are (unless instructed otherwise by emergency dispatch personnel). Contact your point person and let them know what happened so your family knows you are okay and that help is on the way. Keep this conversation brief as you will want to conserve your cell phone battery as much as possible.

While You Wait

Stay warm, but don’t get sweaty. Wet clothing loses its ability to insulate you. Don’t try and push your car or dig yourself out and work yourself up. Make sure that your exhaust pipe is clear of debris and snow to avoid carbon monoxide fumes coming back into your vehicle. Then, slightly crack a window while you run your car’s heater. Usually, you can manage to keep an engine, and the car warm by running it for about 10-20 minutes of every hour depending on the outside temperature. Remember, your car is a good, dry shelter — stay inside of it as much as possible.

When Help Arrives

Thank your responders and follow their instructions closely. Whether it is the tow truck driver or firefighters and EMTs, these professionals have much more experience in these situations than you do.

If You Are Forced To Leave Your Vehicle

As an absolute last resort, and under only the direst of circumstances, should you leave your vehicle. Call someone to let them know where you are going, and if possible leave a note of some sort for anyone who might find your vehicle. Be as specific as possible.

Let Tire World USA Help

While you can’t control everything that happens during winter travel, you can be prepared for the worst. Follow the tips above and make sure that you have a good set of tires on your car this winter. Let TyresGator help by offering you the best priced tires for your car, truck, or SUV and make it to your destination safely this season.